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Executive Protection Bodyguards Switzerland

Bodyguards – Executive Protection

We deliver close protection 24/7, all over the world. We are used to Middle East protocols. In Switzerland, we are well-known to be specialized in the protection of valuables and protecting people from personal threats

bodyguards - executive protection
Luxury Bodyguards Hotels Protection

Luxury Hotels Protection

A hotel ensuring a high level of security offers peace of mind. Clients can relax and feel more at ease, feel reassured and will thus be more likely to become loyal clients and recommend the hotel to others.

luxury hotels protection
PrivateDrivers Protection Switzerland

Private Drivers & Secure Transportation

We provide efficient solutions tailored to your specific business and personal needs. From an armored vehicle, diplomatic look a like, to a personal support, or anything you value that needs to be delivered. We’ve got all the solutions you would think about.

Drivers / Secure Transportation
Investigation Detective Switzerland Geneva

Private Investigations & Detectives

As a Team of Private Investigators who have a vast array of experience in every facet of detective work, surveillance, evidence gathering, research, and analysis, we are ready and qualified to assist you in all matters. Call us anytime for a free consultation.

Private investigations / detectives
Residential Protection Guards Switzerland

Residential Security

We all need a peace of mind when we are at home. We provide residential protection for your villa 24/7. Our guards are attentive, vigil and alert at all times. They expertise in intrusion protection.

Residential security
Retail Store Protection Security

Retail / Store Security

Our security agents, both armed and unarmed, are trained in customer service, specifically for high-end luxury boutiques. We realize that while our primary responsibility is security, it is equally important to recognize that we are often the first impression that customers see. Appearances and service matter.

Retail / Store Security

Event Security

We provide a wide variety of private event security services to meet the needs of diverse companies, organizations, and individuals. We specialize in threat assessment and threat prevention, and we know which advance planning measures to take to ensure that your event goes exactly as you want it to.

Event Security
K9 Units Dogs

K9 Units

Our team of canines, trainers, and handlers devotes themselves to honest and reliable services. Many of our team members have experience working with and training canines in the military or police force. These years of experience give them the knowledge they need to handle our dogs reliably.

K9 Units
Children Escort Bodyguards

Children Escort

We are specialized in child psychology. Our agents in charge of these missions are also parents. We create an atmosphere of trust and we take care of your kids the way they deserve it.

children escort

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