Swiss Guardians Agency Protection rapprochée Genève

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Swiss Guardians Agency Protection rapprochée Genève
Swiss Guardians Agency Protection rapprochée Genève

Swiss Guardians Agency

For many centuries until today, Switzerland has been acknowledged as Europe’s most effective and reliable provider of best trained troops and armed guards to secure the life and belongings of Royal families, Popes, or influent people.   

The “Swiss Guards” – as they were called – were first appointed by French King Louis XI as early as from mid-15th century to train his army. He then made them become his personal guards, to ensure his private protection. 

After him, all French kings have perpetuated this tradition until the revolution. Swiss Guards, Europe’s most feared elite corps, would escort Kings everywhere they would go, and they also were the guardians of the French Crown jewels. 

Many European courts or nobilities have also extensively used the Swiss Guards over time. At war, the Swiss Guards were deployed on the front line to ensure an immediate advantage during battles and to secure victory. 

We, Swiss Guardians Agency and our security personnel, commit to perpetuate today with honor and pride the long legacy and intangible values of the legendary Swiss Guards.



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