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We deliver close protection 24/7, all over the world. We are used to Middle East protocols. In Switzerland, we are well-known to be specialized in the protection of valuables and protecting people from personal threats

We provide real intervention experts. Today, mastering security is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Our bodyguards will be your trusted people and their discretion is absolute.

Whether you are cautious, threatened or notorious, we are able to offer you all the serenity you deserve to live your life without worrying about your safety. The current climate demands absolute rigor, and we’ve got it.

The SWISS GUARDIANS agents working in close protection missions are from various police intervention groups (GIPN, RAID, BRI, BAC, K9) and military (OPEX, SPECIAL FORCES, ELITE UNITS).

SWISS GUARDIANS AGENCY offers tailor-made close protection services, from a simple support agent to an armed team. We are all holders of the Swiss firearms license issued by the Arms Office of the Geneva Cantonal Police (PPA).

SWISS GUARDIANS bodyguards are operational worldwide. Thanks to our know-how and our listening, we have gained the loyalty of our clients, whether they are private on the move or international institutions.

You like to leave in last minute, we are already set up, just ask.

Our bodyguards are all trained in the finesse of human relationships, the art of hospitality and mastery of social and cultural codes. We are trained to exceed your expectations.

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