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A hotel ensuring a high level of security offers peace of mind. Clients can relax and feel more at ease, feel reassured and will thus be more likely to become loyal clients and recommend the hotel to others.

Hotels are working harder than ever to elevate the guest experience. As they strive to add luxurious touches, expand their breakfast menus, and upgrade their amenities, they should also remember the importance of security.

If one of your hotel guests gets pick-pocketed at the pool or a car gets broken into in your garage, you can bet they’ll tell all of their friends about the incident. They’re not going to remember the mint that housekeeping left on the pillow, the gourmet coffee, or the fancy bath towels.

While evaluating your security system and deciding if it’s time for an upgrade might not be the most exciting project you’ll undertake, it could be one of the most important for your bottom line.

As a hotelier, your goal is to delight guests. You want them to become repeat visitors who refer their friends and family to your property. While having the thickest bath towels in town might move the needle slightly in your favor, a security incident is bound to alienate that guest for years, if not forever.

Wondering if your security system gets an A grade? Get in touch for a complimentary audit.

Swiss Guardians agents in Geneva and Lausanne hotel security services have received detailed training regarding tact and professionalism. Our guards have a reassuring presence that helps your guests feel safe in your facility. When a problem occurs or an emergency arises, our agents are trained to step in and provide prompt and appropriate assistance.

When you work with Swiss Guardians Agency, you can be sure that you are receiving top notch security services from professional, experienced officers. Feel free to contact us.

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